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Optimum Display Solutions for Embedded Systems

Euphonic Technologies' system LSI and system board products provide a variety of embedded systems including industrial and medical equipments with sophisticated graphics solutions. We will also flexibly respond to your individual customization demand.

Sophisticated Graphic Control Capabilities

EGC601 is a graphic controller LSI designed for a wide range of industrial application systems. Its sophisticated graphic control functions will enrich the GUI capability of your systems.

Efficient Development Environment for EGC601

EGC601-EV01 provides EGC601 users with the efficient development environment. It enables a flexible system design by supporting both intel's X86 CPUs and other microcontrollers.

Development Platform for Graphic LSI

EAB301 provides you with an design environment for graphic LSIs. Development board with large scale FPGA and various function blocks with original bus system offer you an efficient design platform.

All-in-One board for Digital Signage System

SS01 is a stand-alone display board based on EGC601. By using EGC601 as a main controller, you can realize a simple PC-less digital signage player. You can also control 2 Full-HD monitors independently.

Impressive Expression / Signage Station®

ETSS1 is a stand-alone type digital signage player that works without any PC-system. 19mm height ultra slim box can control 2 Full-HD monitors and realize an impressive expression..

Remote High-resolution, Multi-Display Controller

By making use of new virtualization technology (ExpEther), ERG104 realize a High-resolution and Multi-display controller system via 10Gb Ethernet.

Back-plane board to Expand PCI Express Capability

PCIE-X16-F is a back-plane board to connect PCI-Express card-edge type boards together. PCI-Express Gen.2.0(Max. transmission rate: 5Gbps), x1-X16 card-edge are supported.

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