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Development Platform EAB301for Graphic LSI

Hardware Prototyping Environment for Graphic LSIs

EAB301(Euphonic Architecture Base) provides you with an design environment for graphic LSIs. Development board with large scale FPGA and various function blocks with original bus system offer you an efficient design platform.

  • User logic area is available in a large scale FPGA
  • Basic architecture, graphic drawing engine and display controller are available as IP for LSI
  • Integration with a PC system via PCI-Express(x8) interface enables an efficient development environment
  • Daughter card slots are available for micro controller card and other option boards

  • Development of graphic display functions on FPGA
  • Hardware prototyping environment for graphic LSIs
  • Verification environment for IP development

  • FPGA: Xilinx Vertex-5 LX-330T
  • Memory:
    - SO-DIMM x1
    - 4MB Hi-speed SRAM x1
  • Input/Output Interface:
    - PCI-Express x8
    - DVI(24bit) x2 ( x4 with optional extension board)
    - SATA  x6
    - Compact Flash Card slot x1
    - USB1.1 x1
    - JTAG x2
    - general-purpose clock input x4, output x4

※ Please send E-mail to ET-sales@euphonic-tech.com for more information

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