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Development & Evaluation kit EV01

Efficient Development Environment for EGC601 users

EGC601-EV01 is a development kit including EGC601 evaluation board and related software. It works with PC motherboard via PCI-Express(x8) interface and provides EGC601 users with the efficient and easy-to-use development system in Windows environment . It also supports development of micro controller based display systems and stand-alone display systems.

  • Operates with PC motherboard through PCI-Express(x8)
  • Standard driver software, device configuration tool and sample programs are available
  • Daughter card connectors are available for micro controller card
  • 2 DVI outputs ( max. 4 DVI outputs with optional extension board)
  • Standard memory card for PC can be used as frame buffer memory

  • CPU interface:
    - PCIーExpress 8 lanes (max. 2GB/sec)
    - SH/MIPS/PPC/Xscale (32bit/133MHz, max. 400MB/sec)
  • Output interface:
    - DVI:   x2 standard ( x4 with optional extension board)
    - LVDS: option board available
  • Drawing functions:
    - Display color:  32-bit(RGBA = 8:8:8:8)
    - Resolution: QXGA/2048 x 1536 (1 screen) - XGA/1024×768 (4 screens)
  • Video capture function (need option board):
    - Input format /ITU-R.BT656(BT601, BT709)
    - LVDS input / max. 135Mpixcel/sec
  • Display control functions:
    - Layer synthesis (alpha-blending, Chroma keying, etc.)
    - Scaling, Rotation, Reflection
    - Telop(Character/Graphic image)
  • OS: Windows-XP

※ Please send E-mail to ET-sales@euphonic-tech.com for more information

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