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Graphic Controller LSI / EGC601

Sophisticated Graphic Control Capabilities

EGC601 is a graphic controller LSI designed for a wide range of industrial application systems. High resolution, multiple display, alpha-blending and other sophisticated capabilities of EGC601 drastically boost power of expression of your information systems. We also respond to customer's strong needs for long term product supply and driver software support.

  • High resolution and multiple monitor system
  • Overlay a real-time image smoothly on Windows screen
  • Move a display area on a large image very rapidly
  • Independently define and control multi display areas on a large image
  • Smoothly scroll characters and graphic images as telop
  • Overlay HD video on graphic images
  • Video capture system with intelligent on-screen display
  • Directly connect LCD panels via LVDS interface
  • Non-PC, simple information display system
  • Small amount supply, Long term supply, Technical support and consulting services
  • Independently definable 4 display layers with up to 8000×8000pixels
  • Hardware layer synthesis
  • Full-HD video capture and overlay capability
  • Drive 4 LCD panels via LVDS interface, and support various display mode
  • Hybrid display system with both intel's x86 CPU and other RISC CPU
  • Stand-alone display system by EGC601's internal CPU
  • PCI-Express interface (support both of endpoint and root complex)
  • Display controller unit of medical equipments, medical information terminals. manufacturing & testing equipments
  • Industrial information display system, Video-wall, Digital signage
  • POS/ATM terminals
  • Intelligent On-screen-display, Full-HD video capture & overlay system, Video splitting & display control system


  • CPU Interface:
    - PCI-Express 1/4/8 lanes (max. 2GB/sec)
    - SH/MIPS/PPC/Xscale (32bit/133MHz, max. 400MB/sec)
  • Memory interface:  DDR2(400MHz), max.2GB, Data width: 16/32/64-bit
  • Drawing functions:
    - Display color:  32-bit(RGBA = 8:8:8:8)
    - Resolution: QXGA/2048 x 1536 (1 screen) - XGA/1024×768 (4 screens)
    - Suppprt various type panels --> please refer here
  • Video capture function:
    - Input format /ITU-R.BT656(BT601, BT709)
    - LVDS input / max. 135Mpixcel/sec
  • Display control functions:
    - Layer synthesis (alpha-blending, Chroma keying, etc.)
    - Scaling, Rotation, Reflection
    - Telop(Character/Graphic image)
  • Supported OS:  windows-XP, Linux
  • Others:
    - Internal operationg frequency:   200MHz
    - Power voltage:   Internal 1.2V, I./O 3.3V, DDR2 1.8V
    - Package:  676pin PBGA(35×35mm)


※Please send E-mail to ET-sales@euphonic-tech.com for more information.            <Top of this page>

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