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Standalone Display board SS01 for Digital Signage System

All-in-One board for Digital Signage System

"EGC601-SS01" is designed as a display board for the digital signage applications which emphasizes picture quality, utilizing high-resolution graphics controller LSI "EGC601". Without a host CPU, the controller LSI displays full HD size pictures independently for 2 displays. Various memory devices and LAN connections are supported. Low power consumption enables operations in an airtight case or container.

  • Internal CPU of EGC601 enables a simple PC-less digital signage system
  • Control 2 Full-HD screens independently
  • Full-HD video capture and overlay functions are available
  • Drive 4 LCD panels via LVDS interface (with optional board)
  • Wire harness connection for USB, LAN, SD-Card and RS232C

  • Max display resolution: 2048×1536@60fps
  • Max input resoluton: 3Mpixel@30fps
  • JPEG(2048×2048)、MPEG(320×240 @30fps)
  • Display control functions:
    - Layer synthesis (alpha-blending, Chroma keying, etc.)
    - Scaling, Rotation, Reflection
    - Telop(Character/Graphic image)

  • On board Graphic LSI: EGC601
  • CPU: Embedded in EGC601
  • Memory: DDR2-SODIMM(Max. 2GB)
  • Flash memory: 64MB(Max. 128MB)
  • SD Card: JFF2 format
  • Extension slot: miniPCI Express
  • Extension connector:
    - Video input: x1(YUV、digital RGB)
    - Video output: x2(UXGA)、x4(XGA)
    - SD Card x1
    - USB OTG x1、Host x1
    - LAN 10/100Base-T x1
    - Serial I/F x1
  • External dimensions: 115 x 165 x 9.8mm
  • Power:  single 9~20V、0.8A@12V
  • OS: μCLinux


※ Please send E-mail to ET-sales@euphonic-tech.com for more information.

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