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Remort Graphic Controller ERG104

Remote High-resolution, Multi-Display Controller

By making use of new virtualization technology (ExpEther), ERG104 realizes a High-resolution and Multi-display controller system over 10Gb Ethernet.

  • High resolution and multi-monitor display system controlled by remote host several km away
  • Highly-reliable display system by virtualization technology (ExpEther)
  • Remote display terminal does not need any PC, OS nor HDD
  • Display functions are easily customized by EGC601 graphic controller

  • Large scale information display systems in factory, traffic control center, electric power control center, etc.
  • Fault tolerant information display system
  • Thin client terminal without CPU/HDD/OS

  • ExpEther technology is originally proposed by NEC
  • By expanding bridge capability, Hot-Plug, Plug & Play, retransmission and multi-route communication capabilities are realized.
  • Euphonic Technologies places an emphasis on developing graphic controller functions

  • 10Gbps optical interface: 2port、SFP+ tranceiver
  • Video output: DVI-D(Digital) x4, (LVDS 24/30-bits)
  • Display resolution: 2 screens/1920×1080@60fps
     ~4 screens/1Mpixel@60fps
  • Video input: DVI-D(Max. resolution 1080i/720p)
  • Other interfaces: RS-232C(UART、SPI、I2C)

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